Financial modeling and analysis. While learning English


How can we help you communicate and understand your business better


Streamlined spreadsheets save you time and make your life easier. Jarmania Excel models that cater to your business and your everyday needs will let you focus on the things that you are good at instead of spending needless extra time inputting information into Excel and getting the output that you need in a way that is easy to understand.


Identifying problems for small businesses and finding solutions. Growing companies need to understand how to manage as they get bigger, and often need a financial expert to guide them through. An expert can help you manage your cash flow and increase your bottom line.


Whether you need to improve your English because you use it at work, while you travel, or just to learn something new, we can help in a meaningful and a fun way. Simply speaking with a Native Speaker always helps, but at Jarmania we study how Romanians learn the language, how word-for-word translations lead to Grammar mistakes. We’re dedicated to knowing how to improve your speaking and listening skills.


Learning the languages of English and Business together will help your company or your career, and help you to converse with people in the International language. Any miscommunication can lead to costly mistakes. Knowing the lingo can increase your client base and make it easier to be successful in everything you do within the English language.


Successfully helping businesses get more effective for over 10 years

Jarmania's founder is Scott Jarman. He has a Master's Degree in Finance from the University of Colorado and 10 years of Finance experience at the corporate level and with small businesses. This includes building detailed financial models, job costing and pricing, and business analysis to help you make sound financial decisions. Scott has also taught English in Taiwan and the United States. After coming to Romania it was clear that these skills can be very useful in a country with good English speaking, but a need to improve fluency and make fewer Grammar mistakes. Our focus is on how Romanians learn English and how the languages are different. This means that you will increase your speaking skills in a fun and casual way so that the lessons are both incredibly meaningful for your improvement and enjoyable at the same time.

  • University Finance Professor
  • Qualified English teachers
  • Specialized in Romanian-English language Learning

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